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Schumpeter Center for Research on Socio-Economic Change (JSEC)
15 Jul 2020
14:00 · Vortrag
Francisco O Ramirez (Stanford Graduate School of Education)
Americanizing Universities: From Historical Institutions to Organizational Actors
26 Jul 2020 - 7 Aug 2020
Workshop · Summer Academy
Summer Academy
"Innovation, Digitalization and Structural Change"

Welcome to the Schumpeter Center for Research on Socio-Economic Change (JSEC)! 

Here, we would like to inform you about the latest activities and developments in the Schumpeter Centre.
For information on upcoming events please check our event schedule.

Are you interested to become a member of the centre and to profite from and contribute to the interdisciplinary work? Just fill out the membership application [pdf 47KB] and send it to us. Non-members of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena can apply for associate membership [pdf 47KB].


Personell News

Franz J. Neyer was elected as member of the DFG Review Board Psychology.

Andreas Freytag was again appointed as honorary professor at the University of Stellenbosch.

Research Grants for Franz J. Neyer

Prof. Franz J. Neyer and Dr. Marcus Mund received a research grant for the project "RIKSCHA: Risks and Chances of Living Alone" from the DFG  (grant: 268.290 Euro, duration 3 years ).

Prof. Franz J. Neyer was awarded a research grant for the long-term research project "Deutsches Beziehungs- und Familienpanel (pairfam)"  from the DFG (835.480 Euro, duration: 2 years).

Application succesful

The application for a doctoral program dealing with the economic consequences of digital change was succesfully evaluated. Several doctoral students will work on that topic from next year on. The speaker of the program will be Maik Wolters.

further informationde

GK Digital

Does Mr Johnson have a Brexit-Strategy?

Andreas Freytag in a Blog of the University of Adelaide.

zum Artikel

The African Continental Free Trade Area - Much Ado about Nothing or Important Step to African Integration?

The latest issue of the "Afrikapost aktuell" deals with the potentially biggest free trade area: the African Continental Freed Trade Area (AfCFTA). It includes a guest article by Andreas Freytag and Peter Draper.

further information

article [pdf 901KB]


Andreas Freytag about "The German Industry Strategy 2030: Inconsistent and Dangerous!"

Andreas Freytag, managing director of the Schumpeter centre, published an article for the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS).

full article


Uwe Cantner takes over the chair of the EFI-Commission

Vice president of the university Jena and member of the board of directors of the Schumpeter Centre is the new head of the Expert Commission of the Federal Government.

further informationde


Kick-off-Event smood – smart neighborhood

Andreas Freytag (Managing Director of the Schumpeter centre) will give a talk about  „Energieversorgung der Zukunft - eine ordnungspolitische Perspektive“ at the Kick-off-Event of smood – smart neighborhood.

further informatio about smood - smart neighborhood
Program of the kick-off Event [pdf 697KB]


Grenzen des Wachstums Image: Susanne Büchner

First Schumpeter Colloquium about "Limits to Growth"

The first in a row of serveral colloquiums took place on April 10th. The topic was  "Limits to Growth". Scientists from different disciplines discussed the topic from their perspective. After an introductory talk by Markus Pasche (2nd from right) Uwe Cantner, Christian Lukas, Andreas Freytag (moderation), Daniela Gröschke, Thomas Kleinlein, Markus Pasche and Stefanie Hiß (from left to right) contributed to the discussion with short statements.

The next colloquium about "Entrepreneurship" will take place on May, 8th.

Maximilian Göthner at the Indo-German Symposium- Future of Work 2019 at the German Centre for Research and Innovation New Delhi

Maximilian Göthner participated at the Indo-German Symposium - Future of Work 2019 in New Delhi, with a talk about "Automation and Digital Transformation of Regional Labor Markets: Challenges and Opportunities".

further information

How innovative is Germany?

On 27 February 2019 the Commission of Experts for Research and Innovation presented its 12th annual report on Research, Innovation and Technological Performance in Germany to Chancellor Angela Merkel. Among the members of the commission is Uwe Cantner (JSEC board of directors)

further information (in German only)de

Research Stay at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies

Prof. Andreas Freytag, managing directorof the Schumpeter Centre, spends a research stay at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Studies in the project "Is the European Union a Role Model for Africa? - Lessons from 60 years of European Integration for Africa".

For more informationen please follow this link:

He will give a talk about this topic there on March 7, 2019.

Press statement 

Schumpeter Center for Research on Socio-Economic Change founded in Jena

Nothing is as certain as change! In times of globalization, digitization, demographic change, migration as well as (de-)regulation the rate of societal change is increasing. To analyze and to understand the underlying processes of change and to govern transitions and their dynamics, the Friedrich Schiller University founded the Schumpeter Center for Research on Socio-Economic Change (JSEC). Based on the initiative lead by Uwe Cantner, the center combines and facilitates interdisciplinary research activities on processes of change from an economic and sociological perspective.


The interdisciplinary approach combines researchers from the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration who have already cooperated in the past – “and it was very successful” as pointed out by Uwe Cantner, initiator of the Schumpeter Center. “We want to continue this trustful cooperation by supporting and increasing the synergies established in the past. Ideally, we succeed establish new interdisciplinary research trajectories and deepen our understanding on socio-economic dynamics”.

Interdisciplinary understanding of Knowledge transfer, innovations and catch-up as well as digitalisation

These dynamics are meaningful because their consequences frequently transcend widely the economic or political sphere, declares Andreas Freytag, professor for economic policy and managing director of the JSEC. He added: “nowadays, it is indispensable to jointly analyze processes of change from an interdisciplinary perspective.” Up to now, there are still many theoretical and conceptual fundamentals missing for a deep multidisciplinary understanding of change. These will be created by the JSEC, for example in the areas of knowledge transfer, innovation, and digitalization, which are also high on the research agenda in Germany and Thuringia.


Furthermore, migration processes, the increasing Europeanisation of institutions, the change of job markets and the new forms of cooperation between public and private actors are in the research focus of the center. Besides Uwe Cantner and Andreas Freytag, further directors of the center are the economic geographer Sebastian Henn, Stefan Strohschneider who holds the chair of Intercultural Communication, and Christoph Ohler, who holds the chair of Public Law, European Law, International Law and International Economic Law.

Innovations and Joseph Alois Schumpeter

The JSEC is named after the austrian economist Joseph Alois Schumpeter (1883-1950). In his research, he focused on social and economic change. In his theories about economic development, the entrepreneur and innovative activity were core determinants for growth and welfare. Prof. Dr. Uwe Cantner was president of the "International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society" und organisor of the biannual Schumpeter Conference 2014 in Jena. The Friedrich Schiller University Jena has a long tradition in research on socio-economic change and has established different programs in the past, among others, the graduate school "Human Behavior in Social and Economic Change" (GSBC) and the Graduate College "Economics of innovative change" (GSBC-EIC). 

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